About Us

Monday, July 22, 2024, 04:00:16 am

Putnam Truckload Direct

Putnam Truckload is a privately owned common and contract carrier located in Zanesville Ohio since its incorporation in 1945. We have many quality people who combine their talents, expertise and innovations to form Putnam Truckload Direct. Under MC 181357, Putnam Truckload Direct has 48 state contract carrier authority and operates 170 tractors and 240 trailers. We are very proud of our claim prevention strategies which have resulted in a very low claim ratio. Our ratio each year is 0.006 or lower. Ample warehouse facilities are available at our facility in Zanesville, along with a state-of-the art computerized accounting and billing system with E.D.I. capability. Our safety efforts are led by Brian Hennessey. Our Customer service department handles complete tracing and POD requests, in addition to traffic specialists for routing and pricing problems.

Putnam Logistics

Putnam Logistics is a division of P & D Transportation, Inc. which includes Putnam Truckload Direct. Putnam Logistics began operation is 2000 to compliment Putnam Truckload Direct which has been in operation since 1980. Putnam Logistics was started at the request of our customers who needed a carrier that could provide their customers with on time service while taking advantage of the more fluid rates and services associated with the logistics division.